– Ensemble  de neuf planches (format 50 x 70 cm)
Chaque planche se compose d’une photographie, d’une bande dessin / peinture etc… réalisés in situ (encres, crayons divers, jus végétaux, ocres naturelles) + 1 texte. L’ensemble symbolisant l’unité de lieu, d’actions, de « temps ».

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– A set of nine plates (50 x 70 cm) 
Photographs + drawn / painted strips + texts + installation
(inks, various crayons, plant juice, natural ochres)


– Installation “voyager” (plaque de fer de 50 x 50 cm)
+ débris de coquillages + pierre de marbre + lettres + ampoule et fil électrique )
… à poser au sol sur un socle.
– Installation (iron sheet + shell fragments + marble
+ letters + electric wire + light bulb)
… to be placed on a plinth.

Traduction des textes des neuf planches de la création
MONDAY / Morning: dew, level cobwebs, vapours / sodden ground, slippery soil /cow dung wet horse droppings / 
Afternoon: buzzing flies / stinking mare carcass
TUESDAY / Early morning: mating black slugs wrapped round / their egg, still endless embrace / grey cool weather / Midday: vibrant air, the sun is burning, smell of grass, of war suint / Evening: wind, dead branches cracking / dry leaves rustling
WEDNESDAY / Afternoon: disturbing fields with buried mines / panic-stricken leaps of russet frogs on leafcakes invisible /
Evening: down to the refuge, heavy nodding cows air thick with the suffocating drizzle / from nostrils the dull monotony of curfew-bells
THURSDAY / Morning: flat rock, yellow and black lightning / undulating salamander, disappearance / gorse yellow, peat black / 
5 p.m.: heavy sleepy ewes / deep in among the young trunks of a clump, free from horseflies / entangled horns, wooly messy red-daubed rumps
FRIDAY / 11 a.m.: shining limestone wall / streaming rivulets, parallel waterfalls / loose stones. Bounces from shelf to shelf / crackling. Sputtering / Lichens. Moulds. Mushrooms in black rings / persistent smell of decay
SATURDAY / Before midday: fog. Ascending swollen wreaths / all landmarks gone. Silence /
Midday: lost foal whinnying / furious clattering of hoofs on schist / it gets lost in smoke
SUNDAY / 6.30 a.m.: sea of clouds. A few black islets. Day rising / on the horizon, a thin scarlet line fringed wih pink / nearby stones red with oozing blood / Midnight: eagle owl on the prowl. Cries… long, short, repeated… / silence… heavy noise. Brief squealing from a field mouse / Silence again
SECOND MONDAY / 9. a.m.: old felling area / among the grasses / miniature gardens greens for moss, red-browns for leaves and beechnuts / coppery grey for mouldering wood / 4 p.m.: lying on its side, a ewe in labour / is panting, shivering with spasms / higher, two vultures. Perfectly still. Patient wait
Leaving in the evening / sky still clear. Wan moon / back along the edge of the ravine / a bearded vulture as escort / wide gliding flight then ascending circles towards the peak / down under the forest drowned in fog / night is near